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Senior Entrenprenuership Guide


What is a STEM Startup School?

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Startup School is an educational program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop the skills and knowledge they need to launch and grow a startup company in a STEM-related field. These programs are typically focused on providing participants with a practical education in entrepreneurship, including topics such as market research, business planning, marketing, sales, and fundraising.


The goal of a STEM Startup School is to help entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas and technical expertise into successful businesses, while also promoting innovation and growth in STEM fields.


We will provide a team of professionals to helpout the start-ups


We will provide the space and resources for the start-ups.


The start-ups who perform well in the first 6 months of launch will be provided investments from foriegn investors

Hub A

This category is for young children who want to be an entrepreneur and run their businesses.

Hub B

This category is for university and College Students who want to be an entrepreneur and run their businesses.

Hub C

This category is for Home and small business owners who want to expand especially women .

Categories for Startups

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