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Current Enrollment from Pakistan

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We want to provide the brilliant students from Pakistan an opportunity to learn stem and steam education and recommend international scholarships and participation in Different competitions and prestigious Canadian institutions for students who excel in any of the disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


To provide them opportunities to compete in international science, robotics, and programming competitions.

Now spreading in the city of schools Abbottabad we facilitate students with field-based STEM education.

We would be honored to register the best Schools of Abbottabad with us and from these schools, we will choose the best students to represent Pakistan in Different Competitions.  

We provide Subscription-based Packages for schools and provide them with Instructors and Equipment.

Weekend or Week Days Two-hour Classes can be arranged for each class.

We plan on Introducing the following disciplines to Schools from March 2022-March 2025. 

  1. Electronics Grade 5-6

  2. Robotics Grade 6-7-8

  3. Computing Grade 6 -7-8

  4. Programing Grade 5

  5. Scientific Experiments Grade 5-8

  6.  Novella Classes Grade 5-7

  7. Virtual Reality classes for Space Sciences Grade 4-5

Our Partner Schools

VR For Science
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