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In Stem Wizards Academia, children can learn science and technology in a fun, playful, and concrete way. Attaining key content and facts is important for school and life, but children also need a deep, conceptual understanding that allows them to connect concepts and skills, apply their knowledge to different situations and spark new ideas.


We see playful learning experiences as optimal for engaging deeper learning of STEM subjects.

We have developed our theme-based curriculum and lesson plans in the field of natural sciences, robotics, and programming for 4 to 18-year-old children. This curriculum and lesson plans are based on 5 years of experience in science and technology education. We introduce 4 months semester-based curriculum for students with over 10+ courses.



Hands-on Engineering Experiments 


We focus on providing students with hands-on-experimenting. Students are encouraged to find solutions by themselves or in a team. This whole process encourages sudden decision-making skills with critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. These experiments engage in deeper learning.

Teaching More Cross-Curricular Courses
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